‘Swallow’ Rehearsals – Week 3
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‘Swallow’ Rehearsals – Week 3

It’s the third week of Everything I See I Swallow rehearsals and I haven’t even had time to write up any notes on the process or write any blogs thus far.  I have lost track of what number script draft we’re on but it’s an organic beast and is changing all the time, less and less now as we start to approach the end (and start to learn lines!).

New quote added from yesterday, which we all love by Caroline Knapp

And so I was scared. I was so scared of my own sexual hunger, which felt so secretive and unchartered.

I’m really excited to be able to improvise during the performance too.  Our director Helen Tennison is very keen that I do that so it’s official and I have permission!!  It’s a very empowering/freeing thing to do, a bit scary and so I just hope I can rise to the challenge.  Some nights will be better than others I guess!

The piece itself is shaping up nicely.  Maisy Taylor, my co-performer, who plays my daughter is a joy to work with and we’re making new discoveries all the time. She’s so beautiful to watch in the air and has a lovely natural performance quality, so that we balance each other really well.  It’s really exciting to be working with projection for the first time and our Associate Director, Katherine Sturt-Scobie has been helping to get us on the right track in this respect. We can’t wait to hear what our Sound Designer, Matt Eaton brings to the table. We’re missing having him in the room!

My knee (I seem to have developed Housemaids Knee – bugger!) is holding up but does not seem to be improving greatly.  No running for me, but am doing all the usual to alleviate the injury – rest (well not really – how can I right now?!); ice, elevation, compression and ibuprofen (to reduce the swelling). Just hoping it either remains steady or improves. Am working through it and being careful.

We think it’s going to be a very spec Edinburgh fringe show – roll on the previews and  some audience feedback!!