‘Bone Song’ Workshop – Polyphonic Singing in Govan
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‘Bone Song’ Workshop – Polyphonic Singing in Govan

I was lucky enough to take part in this brilliant workshop, intriguingly titled Bone Song up in Glasgow in June. Ran by Anna Porubcansky we had 3 glorious days of experimenting with voice in all its elemental glory. I had the good fortune to work with Anna in 2013 on aod‘s aerial version of Medea, where we learnt traditional Georgian, Siberian and Corsican songs and they were of such depth and emotional power that I knew that this would be a worthwhile experience….and it so was!

We learnt about how our anatomy works with the voice and how to really use it to our advantage; we played in the space, experimenting with sounds and using the core of our body, using visualisation to explore sounds from our skin, muscle and bones and we learnt wonderful polyphonic songs; we created a polyphonic singing tunnel and took turns to stand in the middle – a blissful state – and so much more.

It was good to be in a room with so many creative individuals, to learn, take leaps of faith and to share moments of fear and joy.